Zelle Photography - Commercial Photography Services


Rafael B.

Hired Zelle Photography for the profile portraits for my realtors. Fantastic job. Will definitely recommend to all my clients and friends.

John Clayton

Working with Zelle Photography was a real pleasure for me and my wife. Frankly speaking, I never expected wedding photoshoot could be so...relaxing and exciting! Rochelle Mitsakos is a real professional. I highly recommend her not only as a photographer, but as a great person who is able to turn a regular wedding photoshoot to simple and friendly get-together.

Barbara Mahone

It is hard to overrate how professional and open-minded Rochelle Mitsakos is. I have no doubts to recommend her to everyone who is about to book a photoshoot for children, even for babies. When it comes to kids, Rochelle is very easy-going and can find approach to anyone. As a result, there are really great photos which look naturally and in-style.

Michel Johnas

A friend of mine has highly recommended Zelle Photography to organize a surprise for my girlfriend for graduation. Even though I was in doubts to hire Rochelle Mitsakos, all of my doubts suddenly went away once I saw her in the process of shooting.