Allow me to introduce myself!

I am Rochelle Mitsakos and as an adaptable, adventurous artist, I strive to preserve the captivating nature of every person, place, or thing. I’m dedicated to rooting out the awe-inspiring components found in the animate and inanimate. Than photo graphs take not only remembrances, but powerful representations of what you want to convey the world. It is obligation to capture the genuine, the riveting, and the exquisite that life offers. Life is about being present in the moment, aware of the now and it would be my privilege to document that.


Whether you’re hoping to create beautiful memories of the family clan, your newborn, the kids, or your fur-babies we can join forces in visually presenting the personalities of you and your loved ones. These images go perfectly in a frame for the home, office, wallet, and anywhere else they can act as a bragging right.


Art, academia, athletics: no matter your passion, we’ll visit the locations that call your name and collaborate on a fitting representation of you.


Once given the variables, I will deliver sleek and alluring images for your company. We can work together in order to establish a professional, casual, or whimsical mood for business headshots, intriguing product shots, or office shoots.


For those occasions that can’t be missed (and if they are they must be recorded), I will photograph those perfect little moments that everyone regrets to miss. I can be the narrator of the stories you never get tired of.

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