It is hard to neglect time is the most precious thing on earth — you cannot exchange it or buy. It feels even more precious when we start to have families and kids. Children rise very fast so we want to capture every moment of their life, especially when it comes to their “firsts”… First step, first dress, first day at school… Zelle Photography is the Texas-based photography studio which was founded by the gifted and passionate photographer Rochelle Mitsakos to capture the best moments of your life. Rochelle has been working in different photo styles, but her favorite ones are family photography, pregnancy photography and children’s photography.

Our studio will be more than pleased to organize a children’s photoshoot for you staring from place choice to making special cards with your records. When it comes to location choice, Zelle Photography can make photo shoots in Dallas, Carrollton, Allen or any other places at your choice. In addition, you can book a visit to our photo studio if photo shooting indoors seems more convenient for you. Do not miss a chance to work with a professional photographer Rochelle Mitsakos and capture the sweetest moments of your child’s life.

Contact us today or call (800) 814-7820 right now to hire us for your personal photo session!