Zelle Photography is the Texas-based photography studio which was founded by the gifted Rochelle Mitsakos to capture the best moments of your life. When it comes to her passion, it can be put in three words: family portrait photography. What could be better than looking through the warmest moments of your life in the photos and recollecting all the good times with your friends, relatives and future generations? Even though you can choose any style of photo shoot, Rochelle Mitsakos tends to outdoor natural approach for family portraits. Speaking about locations, you can choose among Dallas, Murphy, Allen, Fairview or offer any other places outdoors. In addition, you can simply come to the well-equipped Zelle Photography studio and have your photo shoot here.


If you want to get high-quality photos to your family in no time, do not hesitate to contact us for a perfect long-lasting memory or just call us right now  (800) 814-7820